Summer is here at last, if only the weather would behave like it should!

We launched head first into the January term with Go for Its, resources specially designed for us to use in our patrols of 6 girls.  They are designed to be fun and give us more responsibility.  Well that's the theory anyway!

Our Young Leader Hayleigh worked on a challenge badge with us which was based around the adventures of Paddington Bear.  We also got to help and support the Children's Action Trust and a lovely badge at the end of it.

We are all working on our Active Response badge which involves first aid and dealing with a host of emergencies.  If you feel like you might collapse, please let us know as we are dying to test out our new skills for real!

We attended a special concert just for Guides called the Tartan Gig at the Amadillo at the beginning of May.  3,000 of us sang along to XFactor favourites like Only the Young, Neon Jungle and big names like Connor Maynard and Labyrinth.  We all had a great time and want to go back next time!

Have a great summer

Love all - at 13th Guides.



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