Stewardship Event

Stewardship Event -  Tuesday 6th October AT 7pm

“Grow in the Grace of Giving”

You will have heard by now that we have embarked on a very special and important journey in our Church life, in that we are running a Stewardship Programme.  The programme we are planning ends with a special gathering event on the evening of Tuesday 6th October and we would very much like you all to be there. 

Stewardship is really important for our church if we are to develop and grow.  Our giving allows us to make a difference in people’s lives, and the purpose of the programme and our gathering is intended to encourage us all by reminding us just how much our church does with what we give, locally and further afield.  On the night itself we will have a vast array of displays that promote all of the activities that go on in the church, some of which are not widely known.  This is an opportunity to really showcase what we do here, and, to learn about the resources it takes to make it all happen.

Like all good parties and gatherings, you will be treated to a cup of tea and some lovely home baking.

Our Elders will be visiting you during September with your personal invitations and we ask that you welcome them with open arms and a warm heart.

Please do make yourself available to support us on the night.

We ask that you pray for us as we progress on this journey as it new to many of us who are involved and we hope that God gives us strength and guidance to make this a success for us all.

Alison McGowan

Chairperson of the Stewardship Committee