To update members on our Church Roof Fund - the total raised to date, is £8,942.23.

Thank You to everyone who has contributed to this total.  To remind you the amount we require to fund the repair of our Church Roof is approximately £75,000.00.

The Kirk Session applied for a Grant to the Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund.

The outcome is not what we were hoping for - sadly, we were not awarded a grant towards our Roof Fund Project, this was due to the programme being heavily over-subscribed.

However, we will make a further application to this Government Fund as we have been informed that a second round of Listed Places of Worship: Roof Repair Fund may be available soon.  Please pray for a successful outcome.

On the whole, we have been quite fortunate that our recent weather conditions, has not created too much additional damage to our roof, so we are able to remain in our church building.

We are always having to repair and improve our buildings, both the Church and our Halls, so YOUR weekly offerings are important for the ongoing life and work of our Church here in Old Monkland. 


Kirk Session