As we approach our summer season (?) whenever that may be (?) we see all of our Organisations and Groups come to the end of another session.  I am continually impressed with the commitment that the Leaders of our Organisations/Groups have in such a long vacancy, such as ours, when it would be very easy to give up, and they have to be commended for their hard work and dedication.

As I write this letter, I am getting ready to go on holiday to the Italian sunshine and looking forward to the break.  Missing you all already!!!

We now have a new locum, Mrs Joy Codona, and we are delighted to welcome Joy among us here at Old Monkland.  It will take Joy some time to get to know us all but if she happens to call on you, I know you will make her welcome.  Joy will be with us 3 Sundays out of 4 and on the last Sunday of the month, our service will be led by the Revd. Ann Purdie, who we are also getting to know.

Ann apologises for not being able to write something for the Summer Newsletter, due to the timescale, and her being very busy with other commitments, but hopefully will manage something for our next Newsletter, but I know she is happy to be given the opportunity to lead worship once a month at OM!

Sadly, our Interim Moderator, Revd. Dr. Ian McDonald will be taking his leave from us at the end of the Session.  This is due to his Church (Airdrie High) going into a Linkage with Caldercruix and Longriggend.  Ian has enjoyed his time with us here and we wish him and the family well as he takes up his new role as Minister of a linked charge.  I want to personally express thanks to Ian for all his support given to myself and the Kirk Session.  At this time, I do not know who our new Interim Moderator will be?

The Kirk Session has approved a Stewardship Programme for Old Monkland, a Committee has been set up, and they are very busy working towards the event which takes place on Tuesday 6th October.  This is something that is new to us and we pray that it will be the success we are hoping but for this to happen we need the support of our members.  Pray for the Planning Group and the Stewardship Consultant as they make preparations for our Gathering in October.

As this Newsletter is ready to go to print, the General Assembly in Edinburgh will have started and hopefully God will guide the deliberations.  You will have a chance to follow the business of the Assembly as reported in the newspapers and on television.

There are always repairs and necessary improvements required to the Church and the Halls and we are glad to have the services of some of our members to help out in this way wherever they can and it is very much appreciated.  Just last week we had a Team from Virgin Media helping us out with the tidying up of our Hall Grounds and we are indebted to them for that.

Report on Church Roof (refer to separate item).

Like many others, I am uncertain what the future holds for us here at Old Monkland with regard to a new ministry - but what I am sure of is that "This is our Church, this is where we belong and we are part of it".  Please do make an effort to attend and bring along family members and friends.

I trust you will have a good summer and hopefully we get some sunshine!!

Every blessing

Billy Carson
Session Clerk




As this photo wasn't available for our Christmas 2014 edition of our Newsletter, thought it would be nice to share it with members and friends of OM in our summer edition of our Newsletter 2015!!

This is Roy receiving a presentation from all members, adherents and friends to wish him well in his Retirement!! 

Billy Carson
Session Clerk