Dear Friends

As I write this, we are in the midst of a veritable mini-heatwave, and it is a reminder that summer will be here soon enough.  For me, summer will be a very exciting time.  A holiday in France to look forward to, and then the prospect of the linkage between my own church, Airdrie High, with Caldercruix and Longriggend.  There are also plenty of weddings coming up, two of them in Old Monkland on the same day!  There are also exciting times coming up for the rest of the family.  For my son, Thomas, big changes are afoot because after the summer he will leave Drumpark Nursery School behind and move into P1.  The fact that he is already the size of a P4 is rather beside the point!

As you can appreciate, there's a lot to look forward to in all of this.  However, the summer holds some slightly less welcome change as well.  In order to acclimatize myself to my new role as the Minister of a linked charge, I must sadly give up my role as your Interim Moderator at the end of this current session.  Some of you will know that when I began I joked that whilst I was looking forward to being an Interim Moderator, I hoped it wouldn't be for very long, because I hoped that very soon there wold be a new Minister of Old Monkland and Calder.  Sadly, in the time I have been with you that hasn't happened, but I want to add the important word, yet.  I firmly believe that someone, somewhere is the right Minister for you and that he or she has simply yet to be found.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for the privilege of working with you and serving you.  I have greatly enjoyed sharing worship with you, whether that has been at Morning Worship or special occasions such as weddings.  I've even enjoyed the…..shall we say 'frank' debates of the Kirk Session meetings!  I have never been less than greatly impressed by your sense of fellowship and welcome, your commitment to your congregation, your parish and the work of the wider church.

Although I must take my leave as your Interim Moderator, please be assured that you remain in my esteem and my prayers.  May God bless you in your daily service of our Lord Jesus Christ and your search for a Minister.

With every blessing