New Chapter in Old Monkland

As you are aware, the Presbytery have been carrying out a review of the current Presbytery Plan, and I advised that I would keep you updated of the changes which will affect us here in Old Monkland, when I was able to do so.

In my letter to you Christmas 2010 - I advised that Presbytery were carrying out a review and that planning meetings were taking place, at a local level, in order that a Report could be completed for June 2011.

The Kirk Session are now in a position to inform the members that there is to be a formal linkage of Calder Parish Church and Old Monkland Parish Church.  The Presbytery's implementation committee is proposing to conduct a meeting of the Congregation on Sunday 29th January 2012 after morning worship.  Edicts will require to be read several Sundays beforehand.  Thereafter Presbytery would formally approve the linkage at their meeting on the 7th February 2012 and lift the cist, allowing both congregations to proceed with the election of the nominating committee.

Both Churches will keep their identity but will share a minister - and both charges being vacant, the linkage charge shall proceed to the election of a Minister.

Both of the Churches presently used and occupied by the congregations shall be the places of worship of the linked congregations.  Services shall be conducted in the first instance at:-

Old Monkland Parish Church at 10:00am each Sunday morning
Calder Parish Church at 11:30am each Sunday morning

After a period of 6 months, these arrangements will be reviewed.

The Manse of Old Monkland Parish Church shall be the Manse of the linked congregations.

As in all things, the Lord has his reasons in all this change - and at this time of uncertainty - we must be constantly in step with God, and be prepared to change when He directs.

Billy Carson
Session Clerk
On behalf of the Kirk Session