Greetings from everyone at Streetwise, or the Monday Club as our children have now renamed it.

We have had some great fun over the last few months with lots of games, baking and arts and crafts which the children always enjoy. We enjoyed making empire biscuits with the younger group and then later we all enjoyed Pizza that the kids made.  Yum yum delish!!! 

We have had a visit from our new Locum, Mrs Joy Codona and it was great to see her get stuck in with the cleaning up from the baking and cooking.  Joy also introduced herself to some of the parents and made them feel welcome at the hall.  Thanks Joy, come again any time.

Our older children are very talented and lately have been entertaining us with some free style dancing, cheerleading and gymnastics.  One or two are very funny and should probably be on stage.  It has been great fun watching them and encouraging them to have a go at some different things.

We have quite recently started a points system and put the kids into 3 groups, points being awarded for different things, attendance, participation, assistance etc. and it is great to see everyone getting involved.  A prize will go to the winner at the end of our session.

The session is drawing to a close as the summer holidays draw nearer, and a treat of some kind will be arranged for the children.

If you have children of primary school age who would like to come along the times are as follows:-   P1 - P4  6:15pm - 7:15pm
                      P5 - P7  7:30pm - 8:45pm

If you or anyone you know would be interested in helping out on Monday evenings please speak to any of the team who will be happy to help.  It's always nice to have new folk on board and new ideas for the kids.

Enjoy your summer holidays, whatever you're doing and wherever you will be we hope the sun shines for you.

See you in August

The Streetwise Team